omg I am flipping out right now so I went sledding a couple of hours ago and it has snowed about 4 inches since then and only a few minutes ago I started wondering where my phone was so my dad called it and it was dead silence through out the house he looked it up on the find my iphone app and it showed that it was in the middle of my front yard *keep in mind there is about 6 inches of snow out there* so I go running out there crying im so worried that my phone is gonna be ruined me and my dad are looking for about 2 minutes until I decide to just start swatting at the snow well the first time I brushed away a little snow I find my phone there is no way this is possible I just randomly started hitting at the snow and my phone is right there I cant believe . my phone was under about 4 inches of snow and I brought it inside and it was perfectly fine even the mophie case(case that charges your phone) was not harmed  I am still shocked at this miracle